Jumpstart Philippines

This popular program—conducted by an experienced expatriate—is designed to teach you about living in the Philippines and effectively relating with Filipinos.

Jumpstart Philippines

Start your life in the Philippines on the right foot! This is our most popular talk program, designed to teach you as much about living in Philippines and effectively relating with Filipinos. Conducted by an experienced expatriate who has been in the country for almost a decade; this program is designed by expats for expats.

This program was specifically made for expatriates coming into the country who want to hit the ground running and who don’t have time to waste making culturally unacceptable gaffs and missing out on opportunities. We use our expertise in the Filipino people’s culture to give you a concrete introduction into the Philippines, its people, culture, mores, norms, and everything else in between that would otherwise take years of trial and error to learn. Through the combined expertise of local knowledge and experience, we teach you how to see the world in the local perspective and understand the Filipino world bringing you a little closer to understanding your new home.

This short 3-hour lecture will explain cultural and social concepts that will improve your day-to-day interactions with Filipinos and we’ll cover everything from the Filipino concepts of hiya, utang na loob, and even the hierarchical mentality that westerners find so bizarre.

This talk is also designed to familiarize you with living effectively in the Philippines. We’ll cover most of the essentials that you need to learn such as shopping both for bargains and rare items, hiring competent service people, finding hobby groups, expat networks, and more.

Lastly, this talk will touch lightly on the current economic status of the country. We curate the latest data provided by the government and major industries and give you a quick bird’s eye view of the Philippine economic landscape.



3 hours




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Real Expertise

We have a veritable collection of degrees and experience among our resource speakers from only the best universities in the country. When we run a talk for you, you can rest assured that you have actual experts in the room.

Engaging Content

We hate being bored, so we try to make sure that you never are! All our talks and workshops keep two things in mind at all times: that you’re learning, and that you’re having fun doing so!

Meticulously Researched

APA or MLA? Our various experts are proud of their academic backgrounds and are passionate about being able to properly cite their sources. We check and double check everything so you don’t have to.

Extra Credit

The talk may be over, but your experience doesn’t to end there! You can always reach out after a talk or workshop to ask for more resources or more reading material on the subject.

Why is cultural intelligence important?

Whether it’s colleagues from another province or from another country, you’re now living in a nation where you’re more and more likely to work in a multicultural environment. A low CQ is an unnecessary disadvantage you can’t afford.


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