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Cultural Intelligence Philippines (CQPH) delivers solutions through educational programs and professional insight for organizations that aim for a diverse, supportive, and inclusive environment.

Talk & Workshop Programs

Bring the Cultural Intelligence Philippines (CQPH) experience to your organization. Originally designed to give foreign individuals—particularly political and corporate bodies—a thorough understanding of the local mindset, this program has since grown to an engaging workshop on understanding the Filipino and how he sees himself at home, in his community, and in the workplace.

By combining business acumen and extensive knowledge of cultural norms, these programs aim to give you an advantage in the Philippines’ dynamic social and professional landscape.

Management in the Filipino Context

Learn to manage, motivate, and inspire your Filipino team members and colleagues with this insightful program.


Cultural Intelligence Workshop

This provides handcrafted solutions for mastery of the local mindset and the tools to thrive in a multicultural environment.


Lectures in History

Topic-specific lectures by CQPH’s expert consultants and guides delivered according to your organization’s needs.


Onboarding Program

This program is designed to teach you as much about efficiently living in the Philippines, as well as relating well with Filipinos.


Consultancy Services

We offer targeted solutions for concerns, issues, or learning objectives that are unique to your organization.


Jumpstart Philippines

This popular talk—conducted by an experienced expatriate—is designed to teach you about efficiently living in the country.


Real Expertise

We have a veritable collection of degrees and experience among our resource speakers from only the best universities in the country. When we run a talk for you, you can rest assured that you have actual experts in the room.

Engaging Content

We hate being bored, so we try to make sure that you never are! All our talks and workshops keep two things in mind at all times: that you’re learning, and that you’re having fun doing so!

Meticulously Researched

APA or MLA? Our various experts are proud of their academic backgrounds and are passionate about being able to properly cite their sources. We check and double check everything so you don’t have to.

Extra Credit

The talk may be over, but your experience doesn’t to end there! You can always reach out after a talk or workshop to ask for more resources or more reading material on the subject.

What is CQ, and why is it important?

CQ—cultural intelligence or cultural quotient—is the measure of a person’s capacity to function effectively across cultures, both in terms of professional and personal relationships.

The Philippines has globalized from an agrarian supplier to the Asian regional headquarters of almost every conglomerate in the world. The country’s societal and professional landscape is so diverse—whether they are fellow countrymen from another local province or expatriates from a different continent altogether—that everyone is required the ability to thrive in a multicultural environment. A low CQ is an unnecessary disadvantage you can’t afford.

What is CQPH?

Cultural intelligence is already a prevalent practice in the western world, but Cultural Intelligence Philippines (CQPH) is the pioneer provider in the Philippines.

Formerly known as Manila For A Day, a private tour company, CQPH is now a broader initiative by Dustin Ancheta. His propensity for business, degree in Consular & Diplomatic Affairs, continuous tutelage from historical and cultural experts, and a decade of experience in tourism and various industries have culminated in CQPH—the very first Philippine venture to address the need for the propagation of cultural intelligence.

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