Why You Should Choose CQPH


We recently rebranded from Manila For A Day to CQPH (Cultural Intelligence Philippines), and we can’t help but be proud of a few things that make our enterprise one the best in the country. So if you haven’t attended one of our signature programs yet, here are a couple of reasons why you should choose CQPH:

We’re founded on ethics and principles

When you hire CQPH, you’re hiring a diverse group of experts who are conscious about our impact on the big picture, regardless of us being a small enterprise. We put our money where our mouth is and we’re not just another money-grubbing, soulless corporation looking to make a quick buck on tourists or companies.

For example, we have stood firmly on our zero commission policy since 2013, as well as with our policy of refusing to receive anything from our guests (except for gratuities). This means that when you ask any of our expert Cultural Navigators for a recommendation, he’s not thinking about where to send you to earn a little extra with the commissions on your purchase, but instead will wrack his brain to find a perfect solution for your needs.

We are also one of the only few companies in the Philippine tour industry that does not support the use animals for entertainment. We outright refuse to patronize the cruel use of horse-drawn carriages—locally known as the kalesa—which is practically a staple in any tour of Intramuros.

When you hire CQPH, you’re hiring a diverse group of experts who are conscious about our impact on the big picture, regardless of us being a small enterprise.

Engaging, entertaining, and enlightening

We pride ourselves in creating programs that go beyond the usual educational or professional experience. CQPH programs are time-traveling experiences filled with riveting stories and contextualized facts. We focus on the narrative and bring to life the dusty historical tomes of yore. First, we engage, then we regale and entertain, all in the hopes that you go home a little bit more enlightened.

You can quote us on that!

One of the proudest policies we’ve upheld in Manila For A Day—and now as CQPH—is that every information that comes from any of our Cultural Navigators is a fact. We do our best to make sure that everything in our commentaries can be academically cited. This means that not only are you having a fun and engaging time, you can bring your learnings from our programs and tell the world about it without risk of being embarrassed for fibbing accidentally.

Quality, quality, and quality

We believe deeply in delivering the best value for your money. This belief is among the foundations that CQPH is built on. This is the reason our private tour arm, Enclave, focuses on exclusive curated experiences. We don’t want you spending what should be a memorable time jostling elbow to elbow with fifty other people trying to hear your guide and learning next to nothing. We want to give you only the best experience.

Top-notch service

You’re not just another anonymous source of income for us. We value you as a person and we’re particularly proud of our pre- and post-program services. In practice, this translates us always trying to do everything we can to make your booking process smoother and your experience better. This is all contained in the CQPH once a client, always a client policy which states that you can expect the same quality of service even after the booking is over.

This policy may not seem like much now, but it comes in handy a if, say, you have a question about the Philippines that you only thought of a week after your engagement. What do you do then? Well, go on ahead and send your Cultural Navigator an email. You’re guaranteed an answer!

These reasons, among others, are just some of why our TripAdvisor reviews are exceptionally high. As Manila For A Day, we are rated the #1 Manila tour on the platform, and we have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence for two consecutive. And, of course, these are all why we can honestly say that navigating across cultures with us is the best decision you can make when you’re only in Manila for, well, a day.

Dustin is the founder and lead program developer of CQPH. He’s a history nerd and loves using history as a focal lens for understanding contemporary culture. When he’s not having fun guiding, Dustin uses his cultural intelligence expertise as business development consultant and helps his clients build businesses from the ground up. Shoot him a line at founder@culturalintelligence.ph.